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InterSpaces ist der Podcast des Zentrums für interdisziplinäre Forschung (ZiF) der Universität Bielefeld, wo interdisziplinäre Forschung in Gruppen gefördert wird. Diese Perspektivenvielfalt soll im Podcast hörbar werden, weswegen in den meisten Folgen mehrere Wissenschaftler*innen aus unterschiedlichen Fächern über ihre gemeinsamen Forschungsthemen sprechen.


InterSpaces is the podcast of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) at Bielefeld University and is funding interdisciplinary research in groups. This diversity of perspectives is meant to be audible in the podcast, which is why most episodes will feature several researchers from different disciplines talking about their joint research topics. 

Episode #4: The Affective Dimension of State Borders

with Levke Harders and Maximilian Pichl [Borders 2]

13.06.2024 34 min

The term ‘border’ can mean different things in different contexts and can be given lots of attributions, whether political, social or affective. Borders could be seen as threatening, as a rejection, as a safety blanket etc. This episode is part of a mini series of episodes dealing with the subject of borders, especially state borders in Europe, their internalization and effect on different areas of society.
In the second episode, historian Levke Harders (Innsbruck University) and legal scholar and political scientist Maximilian Pichl (RheinMain University of Applied Sciences) talk about the affective dimension of borders.

We are grateful for the intro by Niklas Schönfeld, for the voice recordings of Molina Panzner and Erica Shires and for the podcast cover by Corinna Mehl.
If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, you can email the ZiF communications team at or get in touch via Instagram at @zif_bielefeld.

Weitere Folgen

Episode #3: The Moral Dimension of State Borders

with Lisa Marie Borrelli and Magdalena Kmak [Borders 1]

23.05.2024 39 min

The term ‘border’ can mean different things in different contexts and can be given lots of attributions, whether political, social or moral. Borders could be...

Episode #2: What do Volcanoes have to do with the Climate?

with Ulf Büntgen, Nicola Di Cosmo and Clive Oppenheimer

18.04.2024 98 min

Volcanic eruptions can affect the Earth's climate system, and climate variability occupies an uncomfortable place in historical enquiry. The interplay of vol...

Episode #1: Verschwörungsmythen psychologisch und mathematisch erklärt

mit Felix Günther und Rima-Maria Rahal [DJZ - "Das Junge ZiF"]

18.04.2024 67 min

Können Verschwörungsgläubige von mathematischen Berechnungen oder psychologischen Ansätzen, die aufzeigen, wieso bestimmte Mythen und vermeintliche Theorien ...